The Social Network earned top honors at
the Golden Globe Awards in California
Sunday night. The film earned four awards,
including best drama. The honors, from the
Hollywood Foreign Press Association, mark
the start of the movie award season
leading up to next month ’s Oscars.
The Social Network traces the rise of a
multi-billion dollar idea, as Harvard
University student Mark Zuckerberg, played
by Jesse Eisenberg, sits at his computer in a
"I think I’ve come up with something."
"That looks really good."
"People want to go on the Internet and
check out their friends. That ’s what the
Facebook is going to be about."
The film was also honored for its direction, script and original score.

Natalie Portman was named best dramatic
actress for her role as a ballerina who
descends into madness in the psychological
thriller Black Swan.
Colin Firth was named best dramatic actor
for his role as Britain ’s King George VI in
the film The King’s Speech. The movie is
based on a real-life story of a king who got
help from a speech therapist on his
elevation to the throne.
"I’m not here to discuss personal
"Why are you here, then?"
"Because I bloody-well stammer."
"You have a bit of a temper."
"One of my many faults"

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