top ten mobile games java

I wanna share ten games who i think the
best from all games that I had played.
THis article is in English version of previous article (in Indonesia languange). So, please don't blame me
for the bad English languange. ^_^V

1. Gangstar (Gameloft) This
action game alikes GTA game in
computer version, so this Gangstar game
is mobile version of the GTA, i thought.
So, if you like GTA game, you can choose
Gangstar to be your list 'must download
game' to your mobile. The recent
Gangstar game is "Gangstar: Miami

2. The Sims 3 (EA)
This game is better than the previous
(The Sims 2), who can't went out from
house. So to kill boredom, you can
choose this game. ~~~~~~~~~~

3. Pop
Superstar (Gameloft)
Like the title, this
game is about being a superstar. But, the
beginning of this game starts from the
character we are still 'ordinary people'
and with the passing things and
struggles of others, then eventually our
character became famous. - Graphics of
this game was not so good, but the
game play was good. There are social
networks are also in this game, his name
MeAndMyLife.Net. Love, adventure into
the artist, the flow was running
smoothly and interesting.

4. CSI: Miami
(Gameloft) For those who ever watch a
TV serial ; CSI: Miami, would also not
want to miss the game. Especially if you
are an avid gamers and lovers of
detective stories! This game allows you
to feel how it feels to be a detective.
Perhaps, for more result again, CSI:
MIAMI THE GAME EPISODE 2 should be you
try too. ~~~~~~~~~~

5. Miami Nights 2
This game 3 times more better than the
previous. Because this game's graphics
was wonderful and I like the game's
story too. Flirt, drugs, dates, and all
Hollywood celebrities life, you could play
at this game. You won't regret if you
play this game. Love, enigma, adventure,
all here.

6. Real Football 2011 (gameloft)
fans of course, must to play this game!
Because the graphical display of this
game seem realistic and tangible. You
can also play football with 245 teams,
nine league & real player like David Villa.
Can also play against a friend via
Bluetooth & correct position in the
Hospital League.

Sally's Spa (Gameloft) Are you a girl? And
likes play games? Here i recommended a
suitable game for you! Sally's Spa! This
game is about spa shop and focus with
customer that has come in your shop.
Upgrade your spa tools

8. Asphalt 4: Elite
Racing (gameloft) The first and the best
mobile racing game I ever played. Best
graphics and best car in this game

9. High School Hook
Ups (gameloft)
The number one best
simulation game I ever played. Tell about
high school life.

Vampire Romance (gameloft)
This was
the first Vamp-game of gameloft and
The number two best simulation(?)
game I ever played. Love, adventure,
vampire, action, all here. This is mobile
game version of The Vampire Diaries TV
serial, i thought. Because, Damon and
Elena characters in TVD was in this game


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